'True Blood' True Love: Our Romantic Wishlist For Season 5

True BloodAt the conclusion of last season's "True Blood" finale, Bon Temps and its long-suffering citizens had been through some serious shizz. Babies being haunted by vengeful spectres, amnesiac vampires playing in the sun, an evil witch hell-bent on destroying the entire fanged population of North America and—of course—the untimely death of Debbie and Tara(?). Which is why, amid all the supernatural shaking up, we'd almost forgotten that there was also a whole lot of breaking up.

And oh, man, was there ever! In fact, nearly every committed couple on the show has gone splitsville. Jessica and Hoyt came to a bad and bitter end (and her fling with Jason Stackhouse never even got off the ground). Lafayette lost his personal Jesus. Sookie cut ties with both Bill and Eric. And Alcide's on-again, off-again relationship with Debbie is as off as it'll ever be considering that girlfriend is deceased. Which is why, while we wait for the first episode of season five to drop this Sunday night, we're putting together a little wishlist for the upcoming season—of all the ships we'd like to see set sail between now and September.

Sookie and Alcide

It's been on the verge of happening forever, but death and drama has kept the brewing romance between our favorite faerie and the gorgeous wolfman strictly on the backburner in previous seasons. But now, Sookie is turning over a new, non-vampire leaf on her love life...and Alcide wasn't exactly subtle last season about wanting to show Sooks what it's like to be loved by a non-blood-drinker. Time to get it on, you crazy kids.

Jessica and Reverend Newlin

No, really, hear us out on this one: Jessica is coming into her own as a vampire, having sworn off relationships in toto and embarking on a new, carefree life of sex, blood and rock'n'roll. And if ever there was a dude that needed some good old-fashioned dominating by a member of the befanged, it's the insufferable Reverend (who, though he's recently become a vampire himself, will always be younger and weaker than the more experienced Jess). Rooting for a sexy beatdown? YEAH WE ARE.

Arlene and Terry

Okay, so this isn't so much a please-get-together thing as it is a please-don't-break-up thing...but dammit, you guys, we need a little stability around here and we're counting on you to provide it. So here's hoping our favorite committed couple on the show keeps the love alive. Arlene and Terry forever!

Eric Northman and Anyone

Seriously, we don't care how or with whom, we just need to see Alexander Skarsgård naked on a regular basis, okay? Thanks. THANKS.

Who would you like to see get together on the upcoming season of "True Blood"? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!

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