'CBGB' Wants Ashley Greene In The Club

Ashley GreeneWhen it comes to punk rock cinema, the usual vibe is usually more "gritty" than "pretty"—but upcoming rock-historical flick "CBGB," about the famous New York venue and its influence over an entire generation of music-loving club kids, is certainly circling a very lovely leading lady.

Variety reports that Ashley Greene is in talks to join the cast of the film as Lisa Kristal, daughter of club owner Hilly Kristal and the woman whose sharp mind and business savvy helped keep the operation afloat in its troubled final years. (Then again, if we were Lisa Kristal —who's co-producing the indie flick about her father's legacy—we'd probably want a super-hot actress to play us, too.)

If Ashley does come on board, she'll be joining a seriously talented ensemble cast charged with the not-inconsiderable task of bringing the legendary club and its iconic musicians to life, including some seriously recognizable names. After all, "CBGB" wouldn't be complete without appearances by punk-rock juggernauts like Patti Smith, Iggy Pop the Ramones, and Debbie Harry. And lest you're worried that the actors involved won't do justice to this very important moment in musical history, just look how excited Malin Akerman is about her role as Debbie Harry; when we caught up with her during the MTV Movie Awards Sneak Peek Week, she couldn't gush enough about her excitement at being involved in the project. Rock on, "CBGB" cast. Rock on.

Are you psyched to see Ashley Greene coming on board for "CBGB"?