Peep A Bevy Of Shirtless 'Magic Mike' Stills!

Need an afternoon sugar rush, Crushers? We've got you covered with some man candy. We have not one, not two, but LIKE A MILLION new "Magic Mike" stills! It's like Christmas and our birthday wrapped into one.

These steamy photos feature the hunks following Channing Tatum's lead and struttin' their stuff on stage at one of their many performances. If you haven't already heard, the film is loosely based on Chan's past experience as a stripper. The actor plays an erotic dancer by the name of—wait for it—Magic Mike, who takes newbie The Kid (Alex Pettyfer) under his wing to teach him the finer points of women, money and booty shaking.

One of the pictures even shows the duo in a store picking out thongs! The Kid looks less than thrilled with a black number in his hands and Mike is not amused. Maybe they should go for the more exciting metallic green, blue and orange ones on the rack to their right? That might brighten their spirits a little. It would certainly brighten ours.

The stills also showcase leading ladies Olivia Munn and Cody Horn, Joe Manganiello in his fireman outfit he whipped out during the 2012 MTV Movie Awards and Matthew McConaughey taking center stage with his trusty cowboy hat and belt buckle.

"[Filming] was just crazy, the whole time we were going through it, we just started laughing," Channing told MTV News at the Movie Awards. "What I think people don't realize we financed this ourselves, we wrote and produced it all ourselves, it's not a studio movie. I'm interested to see what people's reactions are, it's a fun movie, the first half and a serious movie the second."

"Magic Mike" hits theaters June 29.

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