'Legend' Script Is 'Fantastic,' Producer Says

Young-adult publishing seems to be the new favorite harvesting ground for film studios looking for their next big-screen blockbuster, and who can blame them with the success of adaptions like "Twilight" and "The Hunger Games"? One novel we're particularly excited to see make the leap from the page to the screen is Marie Lu's dystopian drama "Legend."

"Legend" takes place in a near-future Los Angeles and is told from the dual perspectives of teens Day and June. Day is a notorious criminal blamed for the murder of June's older brother, Metias. June is a military-officer-in-training with a particular set of skills, which she uses to hunt Day. (If the themes sounds familiar it's probably because Marie was inspired by the plot of "Les Miserables"...)

Like teen tome predecessor "Twilight," Wyck Godfrey is producing this adaptation, and when we caught up with him at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards he was more than happy to give an update on the project.

"'Legend' is, to me, a book that not enough people have discovered," Wyck said. "It's a phenomenally written book by Marie Lu. We just got a draft of the script that I think is fantastic, and her sequel ['Prodigy'], which she just showed me a galley of, is going to take it in an entirely new direction which is really fulfilling."

Wyck said that once CBS Films gives the go-ahead on the script, they can begin the long (and sometimes arduous) process of casting. Whether filmmakers will opt for unknowns or familiar faces is still up in the air.

"The interesting thing with 'Legend,' I actually think those characters should be in their early 20s because they're a little more adult in the world they're in," Wyck said. "Jonathan Levine is the director, who did '50/50' and just directed 'Warm Bodies,' and has such an eye for talent that I'm feeling pretty secure in what he comes up with."

Click on the video above to hear more from Wyck about "Legend," including the big budget he's anticipating in order to bring Marie's world to life.

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