'Pretty Little Liars' Season 3 Premiere Recap: 'It Happened That Night'

Summer may just be starting for us, but in Rosewood, the fairer months are over and things are getting back to normal...meaning murder and mayhem are never far off. And despite Mona (codename: A) being locked up in a psychiatric ward, the "Pretty Little Liars" continue to be harassed by a mysterious foe.

Last night's episode picked up five months after Maya's death. The girls spent their summers following various pursuits: Aria enrolled in a photography class, Spencer (no surprise) attended college courses, Hanna worked on her bucket list (cooking classes with Caleb, expanding her vocab) and Emily volunteered in Haiti—all the while drinking up a storm to numb her pain over Maya's death. The girls reunited at Spencer's house, where Em continued downing booze when they all got a text from a supposed A: "Show me your boobs." Very mature. The girls assumed it was a prank.

Hours later, they awoke to find Emily missing. Cut to the Rosewood cemetery where Emily stood above Ali's empty grave, shovel in hand. When the girls found her, she swore she didn't remember what happened. Spencer decided they should drive to the lake house for an alibi (but not before Hanna and Aria spied Lucas running around town at that late hour. Hmm.)

Alison's body-snatch hit the papers the next day with suspicion turned towards Garrett, who you'll remember is now the prime suspect in her murder. Speculation also swirled that Maya had found something connecting Garrett to Ali's death, and he murdered her too. We also found out thanks to Spencer's lawyer mom that the prosecution had asked that Ali's body be exhumed, but someone beat them to it. Clearly, this was no coincidence.

Hanna bailed on a movie date with Spencer to go see Dr. Sullivan. But, really, that was just a convenient excuse for her to visit Mona (using the alias Rivers, which is both creepy and cute, I guess). Mona was practically catatonic, yet Hanna probed for answers. "I want to know what I did to make you hate me so much," she said. No response. Coincidentally, Wren volunteers at the same hospital, and ran into Hanna, er, Miss Rivers while she was there.

The girls reconvened at the high school for their first day back, and as teased in a pre-premiere preview, Aria had a scary run-in with a hooded figure in the women's restroom. Hanna and Spencer tried to calm her down and tell her there was no way it could be A, but with what we know about the A-Team, that seemed unlikely.

As part of the ongoing investigation, the girls were called in for questioning regarding the disappearance of Ali's body. They all told the police the same story about being at the lake house that night.

It turned out Hanna wasn't the only one sneaking away on secret errands. Spencer had been returning to A's motel lair for months, trying to piece together what she remembered from the night Mona was unmasked. During her latest jaunt, she got a call from a blocked number, summoning her to the prison where she met with Garrett. He insisted that he did not kill Maya, nor did he kill Alison. "It's not over, do you hear me?" he warned Spencer. "I know who took the body."

Meanwhile, Em got a mystery text that triggered a small memory from the cemetery night. It wasn't much, but it was a flash of a car.

Spencer decided to take the other liars to the motel to tell them about her investigation. Hanna also confessed that she had been visiting Mona, who seemed to be getting better thanks to her visits (or at least so said Wren). The girls also revealed to Emily that all of A's things had been cleared form the motel the day after Maya's death—and not by the police. Just then, a car alarm went off outside. They found Spencer's car doors flung open and the seats and floor strewn with photos of themselves at the cemetery, essentially implicating them for the disappearance of Ali's body. And that's when their phones pinged simultaneously with this message:

"Mona played with dolls. I play with body parts. Game on, bitches." -A

What did you think of "Pretty Little Liars"' return last night? Do you believe that Garrett is innocent? Who do you think has taken over Mona's duties in the A-Team? And how nice was it to see the boys of Rosewood again? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!