Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth Are Engaged: We Plan Their 'Hunger Games'-Themed Wedding!

Miley Cyrus and Liam HemsworthIf you're a fan of "The Hunger Games," you know that one of the more enduring mysteries of the literary trilogy is the romantic fate of Gale—the one-time crush of Katniss with whom (SPOILER ALERT!) she eventually declines to settle down, because life is too short to spend with a brooding and murderous guy who doesn't bake. But whatever becomes of Gale the Character, at least we know that the actor who plays him is getting a nice, sparkly, happily-ever-after with the girl of his dreams!

Yep, it's true: People has an exclusive confirmation this morning that Liam Hemsworth is now engaged to longtime girlfriend Miley Cyrus, who began dating back in 2009 when they starred together in "The Last Song." And while Miley isn't a contender for a part in "Catching Fire," she is marrying into the franchise...and what better way to show her commitment to Liam than with a Panem Perfect wedding? No, really! It has to happen! We've already planned it! And just look at all our marvelous ideas for...

The wedding party

Instead of staid tuxes for the men and matching dresses for the ladies, Miley and Liam's wedding party (consisting of 12 persons on each side, of course) will be decked out in District-appropriate attire, just like the series' Tributes.

The dress

Although Cinna is tragically absent from these festivities, one of his designs will suit Miley nicely—and let's be real, she'll probably appreciate the finer points of fashion more than Katniss, anyway.

The flowers

President Snow's evil roses will come in handy here, obviously.

The ceremony

Before the vows, special guests will read love-related passages from "The Hunger Games." Miley and Liam will then speak vows and exchange rings made by the artisan jewelers of District 1, using stones mined from the mountains of District 12. The ceremony will be officiated by Seneca Crane's Beard.

The reception

After the I Dos, guests will retire to an opulent ballroom for wine, lamb stew and general revelry.

The end

In lieu of a bouquet toss, the bridesmaids and groomsmen will be corralled into the center of the ballroom and forced to have a cake fight... TO THE DEATH.

What do you think of our "Hunger Games"-themed wedding for Liam and Miley? Leave your own ideas in the comments and on Twitter!

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