See The Cover For Becca Fitzpatrick's 'Finale'!

If you've been tied up in knots waiting for the last book in the epic, complex and tortured saga of Becca Fitzpatrick's "Hush, Hush" series, we've got bad news: You're gonna have to wait a little longer for "Finale" to debut in October. But if you've been tied up in knots waiting to see what sort of striking cover art will conclude this quartet of stories about fallen angels and the ladies who love them? WELL! Guess what we've got?

Yep, it's here: the cover reveal for "Finale," the conclusion you've all been waiting for to the twisty-turny tale of Nora, her boyfriend Patch and an age-old war between heavenly armies and earthbound angels. This time, the hard-won peace and happiness of the couple who overcame ancient bloodline rivalries to be together is threatened by an unimaginable betrayal—one that might undo everything they've struggled for three books to achieve! Will love conquer all once more? Or will it (gasp!) not be enough?

We can't tell just from looking at the beautiful black-and-white photo that graces the cover, but it's clear that the stakes—and the drama—are high as "Hush, Hush" comes to a close.

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