'Pretty Little Liars' Shay Mitchell Has A Warning For A

"Pretty Little Liars" returns, and the series' stars have promised its third season will be the most intense yet. It's hard to imagine how producers will top all the murder, mystery and intrigue that's come before, but we'll of course be tuning in to see what's next for our favorite Rosewood residents.

As you'll recall, March's season finale was all kinds of epic, with Mona unmasked as A (or, at least, one of the A-Team members) and Maya's dead body uncovered. We're a little worried about poor Em (seeing as her girlfriend's dead, and all), so when we caught up recently with the character's real-life alter ego Shay Mitchell, we just had to get the scoop.

"Emily's reaction to Maya's death was obviously shocked, and I think it goes through a whole bunch of stages," Shay explained. "So she's angry, she's shocked, she's depressed, doesn't know how to feel. This is another person who's been taken from her that she finally got close to and could be herself with and so it's affected her relationship with her friends, even. She's a little bit snappier with them. She definitely is very upset with A... If it's Mona and just Mona alone she better watch out because you took her girlfriend away."

And while Emily's friends—Hanna, Spencer and Aria—will try to cheer her up, it will be a new face in town who will relate to her suffering the most.

"The other person who helps consoles her and that she feels comfortable with is Nate, who is a new character for season three and he is Maya's cousin, and he comes into Rosewood and they build this friendship and this bond," Shay said. "They really get each other because he's lost his cousin and she's obviously lost her first love."

Yet, we couldn't help but wonder if a certain other lady friend will reappear in Emily's life to help pick up the pieces, namely Paige.

"Paige always fits into the equation somehow. Good old, Paige. Always sneaking her way back in," Shay said with a grin. "Yeah, she does, and she plays a huge part in season three with Emily, and she's really there to be there as a friend. That's all Emily could ask for now, and that's what she's getting. She has a really good friend in Paige."

Click on the video above to hear more from Shay about tonight's season three premiere!

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