Who Do 'Hunger Games' Stars Want For Finnick Odair?

With "Catching Fire" heading into production later this year, we're desperate to find out who Lionsgate will cast as Finnick Odair. A shortlist of actors was released showing who could potentially play the newcomer to "The Hunger Games" series, but we wanted to hear who it should be straight from the movie's stars.

"Whenever I read the books, I always thought Ryan Reynolds would be a great Finnick," Alexander Ludwig told MTV News on the 2012 MTV Movie Awards red carpet. "Ryan Reynolds is just how I pictured."

When asked what characteristics he thinks the actor who ends up playing Finnick should have, Alexander said charisma is key.

"I think he's just got a charisma about him. Whenever I read the books, I was like 'If I don't get a [role] in the first one, [then I'd be interested].' Finnick had always been something I was interested in as a character because he reminds me a little of myself," Alexander said.

"He's got a really good charisma about him," he added. "He's also got that bit of an egotistical edge to him, which isn't like me but I love it as a character. It's hilarious and he's a really strong character too and he's a really big part of the second book. He's the most anticipated character in my mind as well. I can't wait to see who they cast for him."

Unfortunately his "Hunger Games" costars Elizabeth Banks and Josh Hutcherson didn't have their own suggestions at the ready.

"I don't [know], honestly," she said. "Everybody that's ever been mentioned seems fantastic. I'm sure they'll find the right fit. I think the cast has come together in such an amazing way so far, and I know that their goal is to keep adding the best people and the people that it's gonna be great."

She also felt "charisma" is key for the actor who gets cast. Josh said the actor should be "physically strong" and socially engaging, just like Peeta. But when asked who should take the role, Josh was less forthcoming.

"I mean, honestly, I have no idea. I definitely need to re-read the second book," he said. "I haven't read it since I first read them, before the first one. So I think I kind of need to read it again to get a better grasp."

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