Josh Hutcherson Gives Us 'Catching Fire' Update

Josh Hutcherson might've taken home a coveted MTV Movie Award for his "Hunger Games" fight skills at last night's ceremony, but we all know what the actor is really looking forward to: the chance to compete for next year's fight scene honors with his butt-kicking role in "Catching Fire." And when we caught up with Josh last night at the afterparty, the sweat and tears weren't even dry on his Golden Popcorn before he started talking about his excitement over the anticipated sequel—starting with some early buzz about filming locations.

"I haven't heard anything confirmed yet, but Atlanta is definitely a big possibility," he said. "And I know they're looking at Hawaii too for some of the tropical stuff when we're in the games." The takeaway? "It's gonna be somewhere nice!"

And when it comes to the man at the helm of the movie, Josh has nothing but great things to say about director Francis Lawrence, who came in amid much hubbub when Gary Ross chose not to take on the "Hunger Games" sequel.

"He's fantastic," Josh said of Francis. "He's so smart, and really has his finger on the pulse of the story."

But all this was just window dressing for the really big question—one for the ages; a search to end all searches; a debate that will go down in history as one of the biggest, boldest, and bloodiest, not just in Hollywood, but EVERYWHERE and FOR ALL TIME: Who, in the name of Seneca Crane's beard, will be playing Finnick Odair?!

No, we still don't know—and neither does the series' leading man, who confessed that he can't even join the debate until he does the diligence and takes another look at the source material.

"I haven't read ['Catching Fire'] since I first read [the books], so I think I kind of need to read it again to get a better grasp." And in the meantime, said Josh, he's staying well out of the fray:

"I don't go on the internets that often."

Jaw-dropping, heart-pounding, gut-busting moments galore. See what just happened at the 21st annual MTV Movie Awards!

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