'Perks Of Being A Wallflower' Stars Break Down The Film's Key Scenes

Seriously, how great is that "Perks of Being a Wallflower trailer?" And how great was it to see the cast members all happy together at last night's MTV Movie Awards?

In addition to Logan Lerman, Emma Watson and Ezra Miller's presentation for Best Male, MTV News was lucky enough to catch up with a few of the cast members on the red carpet ahead of the show to find out a little more about their mutual love for the film and a few behind-the-scenes tidbits about shooting the film's key scenes.

Logan gave us the inside scoop on shooting his character's long-awaited first kiss with Emma Watson, an experience for which he had nothing but praise for the "Harry Potter" actress.

"It happened in front of a crew, and people were there, and we did it a few times. And that was it," Logan recalled of his cinematic smooch with Watson. "It's kind of odd when you're doing it for a movie. It's kind of weird. She's cool. It wasn't as awkward as it could have been. It's Emma Watson, so I'm a lucky guy. What if I was complaining, though? 'Oh, God. I had to kiss that girl!'" he joked.

Ezra opened up about the transformative experience of playing iconic "Rocky Horror Picture Show" character Frank N. Furter (a "show within the show" moment in the film in which his character regularly participates in their town's sing-a-long production) and having to walk in high heels.

"For me, I was very grateful to even be able to [act in 'Rocky Horror'], and I had this moment where I was like, 'I might do "Rocky Horror Picture Show" forever. That might be it,' " he said. "After I did Frank N. Furter, they made this offer. They were like, 'You should come back and do it on Saturday. You should play Frank N. Furter. You can be our guest.' And it flashed through my mind. I had this synaptic flash like, '[In] every city, I could play Frank N. Furter or Riff Raff.' And then I was like, 'OK, wait a second. No, I can't do it.'"

Ezra also told us that getting into his character is not easy to describe because it's a different experience for every actor, high heels and corsets or no.

"How do [I] get in the mind-set to put on the heels? I'm not the best equipped to explain that," he said. "You are the best equipped to explain that. It's different for anyone how someone would become Frank N. Furter. For me it was a long-awaited opportunity to salute one of my favorite artists in the world. And that came through the fact that 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' is for the LGBQT community, and for youth communities, and for culture! For pop culture is the beacon of hope for how something can survive — truly survive."

For co-star Johnny Simmons, who plays Miller's character's love interest in the film, the most intense and satisfying scene to shoot was the big fight in the cafeteria.

"I think the fight scene, whenever Patrick and Brad end up fighting [is the most emotional]," Johnny said. "For those who haven't seen the film there's two characters, the quarterback and [the guy] from the more artist indie crowd and they end up going head-to-head with each other and I thought it was a really neat scene to shoot and we really went for it, me and Ezra. It's both physical and emotional but Ezra is incredible and he stuck with it the whole day and we both agreed we'd go for it and really fight it out," he said. "I jacked up my knee which was a battle scar that was worth it, I think it turned out good from what I've heard."

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