Peep The Cover Of Lisa McMann's 'Crash'

What does bestselling author Lisa McMann do in the precious few hours when she's not writing books? Apparently, she writes MORE books—and more, and more! And after releasing "Dead to You" in February, putting the finishing touches on the next novel in her dystopian "Unwanteds" series and contributing a new interactive chapter for Scholastic's Infinity Ring project, she's still not slowing down; instead, Lisa has embarked on a brand new paranormal series called "Visions," beginning with the release of "Crash" in January 2013. And if you're wondering what this brand-new addition to your literary wishlist is going to look like, you'll want to click through...for our EXCLUSIVE reveal of the first book's cover.

We've got chills just looking at the fiery eyeball on the cover of "Crash"—the start of an exciting series-to-be about a girl with a gift for seeing things. When we meet Jules, she's a quirky high school outlier with the usual gamut of teenage problems, plus one more that's not-so-usual: every day, she's plagued by the same terrifying vision of an out-of-control truck, an explosive crash and a lineup of dead bodies numbering nine. But when her second sight starts revealing more clues to the accident—and when she recognizes the face of one of the victims—it's not enough to see the future; she'll have to try to change it.

Oooooh, we just got chills again! And we'll be trembling good and proper with anticipation til next year, when "Crash" careens onto shelves on January 8.

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