Peep The Cover And Amazing Excerpt For 'The Madness Underneath'

Snow White and the HuntsmanIf you've been jonesing for a literary fix during this long drought between books in Maureen Johnson's "Shades of London" series, consider us your new best friend! 'Cause today, Hollywood Crush has the EXCLUSIVE hookup on some seriously exciting advance buzz: the debut of the gorgeous cover for long-awaited Shades sequel "The Madness Underneath," and—AND!—we've also got a never-before-seen first look at an excerpt from the book, and also the paperback cover to "The Name of the Star," and if you're not twitching and squealing with unadulterated delight right now, well, your capacity for recognizing earth-shattering awesomeness is obviously BROKEN.

The gorgeous new cover is everything we'd been hoping for—a moody, misty image of a snow-covered London full of secrets! And it's the perfect tease for the next chapter in Maureen's tale of a second, secret city-within-a-city full of ghosts, ghouls and restless spirits seeking bloodthirsty revenge. Are you ready to catch up with supernaturally talented teenager Rory Deveaux as she struggles to handle her new position within London's secret society of paranormal police? YEAH YOU ARE. And so are we; we can't wait for "The Madness Underneath" to make our month when it hits shelves in February 26, 2013.

Click after the jump to see the full cover and read the exclusive excerpt!

The Madness Underneath by Maureen Johnson EXCERPT

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