New 'Magic Mike' Poster: Not A Shirt In Sight!

Snow White and the HuntsmanAre you still recovering from the hotness that was our exclusive "Magic Mike" clip from MTV Sneak Peek Week? (We know we are!) And just when we thought we'd get a break to fan ourselves off from the overwhelming heat of Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello, they decided to break out a steamy new poster adding in Matthew McConaughey and Alex Pettyfershirtless! This movie continues to reveal the goods and we thank the motion picture gods!

The one-sheet features all five hunky guys in their different performance outfits. Channing's wearing a pair of dress paints with cuffs around his wrists and a tie around his neck. Matthew fits his southern twang with a cowboy hat, massive belt buckle and leather vest. Matt is looking mighty fit in an army uniform complete with dog tags hanging just above his six pack and camouflage pants. Joe's turning up the heat in his fireman outfit (he may need to douse some water on us in a few minutes) with nothing but suspenders covering his bare chest. And finally, Alex shows off his moves with a hat covering his...member.

"Work all day. Work all night," is the tagline at the bottom of the poster, and the bold June 29 release date is practically torturing us. How can we possibly wait 29 whole days?! At least we can watch it rain Channing Tatum over and over and over and over and over—you get the picture—to tide us over until then.

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