Stephenie Meyer Admits To Missing Her 'Twilight' Stars

Waiting for the final installment of the "Twilight" saga to hit theaters in November and reunite our fave celeb couple (Robsten, in case you couldn't figure it out) is no easy task. And though Stephenie Meyer isn't wasting time pining for vampire series past—the writer behind our favorite supernatural romance has moved on, this time to the big, exciting work of bringing her next book, "The Host," to the big screen—Stephenie admitted during our on-set visit that as thrilling as the new project is, she's also kinda missing the dynamic duo who brought Edward and Bella to life.

"It makes it a lot calmer," she laughed, when MTV News' Josh Horowitz asked if this movie felt strange or sad without Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson on board. "I do miss them though, it seems funny not to have Kristen here."

But despite the sad lack of Robsten, Stephenie couldn't be more excited to be working on something new -- and decidedly different from "Twilight" when it comes to the process of filming.

"This one just has beautiful landscape, everywhere we've been," she said of "The Host," adding that the forested environment of Forks stand-in Vancouver made it difficult to appreciate the "Twilight" landscape in the same way. And if anything, Stephenie has been even more involved in the adaptation of her alien-parasite love story (more romantic than it sounds!) for the big screen -- and with the particular support of director Andrew Niccol.

"Andrew and I work pretty well together," she said. "In the scriptwriting process, he really loved to hear what I had to say; we are really in sync."

How in sync are we talking about? Is Andrew Niccol the alien entity living inside Stephenie Meyer's head? Only time will tell! But we'll be first in line to see how Stephenie's literary vision and Andrew's directorial style mesh when "The Host" hits theaters next year.

Are you dying to see the new Stephenie Meyer project make its way into the movies?