Has Kristen Stewart Continued Her 'Fifty Shades' Reading?

The movie-loving masses aren't the only ones quivering with anticipation for this Sunday's MTV Movie Awards: Some of Hollywood's biggest stars are also vibrating with the thrill of the impending ceremony! Oh HEY, and speaking of vibrating! Remember the fun After Hours feature in which Kristen Stewart and Sam Claflin joined their fellow "Snow White and the Huntsman" castmates to read aloud from bestselling bondage erotica book "Fifty Shades of Grey"? Well, when we kicked off our Sneak Peek Week last night, Kristen and Sam stopped by for a live Q&A after the exciting debut of a never-before-seen clip from their fairytale action flick—and one curious twitterer had to know: Did any of the stars keep reading the book after the cameras stopped rolling?

In short (and if you believe their denials), the answer is "no"—and not only that, Sam's a little embarrassed about what an outstanding job he did with his soulful, sexy rendition of a passage from the book.

"To be honest, having watched that back, I took it way too seriously," he said with a laugh. "I got really into it."

But according to both actors, the book definitely sparked a conversation or two amongst the cast as they compared notes on their sexy reading experiences. And even though they claimed no further interest in the erotic trilogy (and even though Kristen insists that she's not interested in getting spanked as the leading lady in the upcoming big-screen adaptation)... well, watch the video and then tell us: Don't they look maybe just the teensiest bit delighted when Josh presents them with their very own copies of the delicious dirty books? YEAH THEY DO. Jig's up, guys. We know you love your smut.

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