Which 'Catching Fire' Contender Is Your Preferred Finnick Odair?

"Catching Fire" has found its Finnick Odair! ...Maybe. Sort of. Almost? Not really?

Okay, okay—so the latest news from behind the scenes at the "Hunger Games" sequel isn't so much news as it is speculation with a side of rumor-mongering, but let's just run with it: E! Online has heard some exclusive whispers from a secret source that the pick for District 4's trident-wielding tribute is down to three known contenders and one anony-dude question mark, with producers currently eyeing A-list uberhotties Armie Hammer, Taylor Kitsch and Garrett Hedlund for the role. BUT! According to the same whisperings, they're also considering canning the whole "established celebrity" thing and selecting their Finnick from a promising sea of unknowns (and giving one struggling actor the role that could make his career).

Who will score the coveted part? That's the thing! NOBODY KNOWS! And with so much curiosity swirling around the casting process, this would also be prime time for the producers to totally blow our minds by picking some other well-liked actor who's not on the rumored list, so let's not get ahead of ourselves. But with such a promising pack of contenders to mull over, it would be wrong not to at least see what fans think of the prospective Odairs. So, tell us: Which of these three big names (and one unnamed somebody) would you most like to see in the Quarter Quell?

Psst! After you're done casting your vote for Finnick, don't forget to head on over to the 2012 MTV Movie Awards site to vote for "The Hunger Games" (or whichever movie you so choose)!