Stephenie Meyer Knows Exactly What's Next For Edward And Bella... But She's Not Telling

With the studio behind the "Twilight" film franchise having already announced its interest in continuing the saga, the only thing standing between you and MOAR TWILIGHT FOREVER is author Stephenie Meyer—and her willingness to keep on keeping on with the stories of non-homicidal vampires, werewolves who never wear shirts and various interspecies love triangles between the living, the shapeshifting, and the living undead. So when Josh Horowitz sat down for a chat with Stephenie, he asked her the question on everyone's mind: Are there still untold stories left in the "Twilight" canon?

At first, Stephenie was reluctant to make any promises. "Things change so much," she said. "From week to week, let alone year to year."

But make no mistake: For the bestselling author, the well of sparkly vampire romance is far from dry.

"There are other stories, obviously," she admitted. "I have a really hard time putting down characters, and so I know what would happen. It's just a matter of...are we tired of vampires?"

Obviously, no "Twilight" fans were around at the time that this interview was taped, because nobody launched themselves into the frame screaming "NOOOOOOO!" and instead Stephenie was able to answer her own question: "I think we are, as a general group. I know that I'm a little worn on vampires, so it might take some time to want to go back there. But it's easy for me, because I know exactly what happens."

And there you have it: Stephenie Meyer is sitting on, like, a bajillion more stories about sparkly vampires, and the clumsy young ladies who love them, and the naked werewolves who love them, but she isn't planning on writing any of them down. At least not right now. And if you want to step away from your computer and start wailing and frothing and rending your clothing, well, we totally understand. But for those who just want to know what becomes of the Cullen family and their various compatriots, the author does make one promise:

"If I never get around to writing it, I'll tell people what happens."

So there's that, anyway.

Are you dying to see an in-print continuation of the "Twilight" franchise?

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