Lauren Conrad Will Explore 'Rock Bottom' In 'Fame Games' Series

With the first book in Lauren Conrad’s "Fame Game" trilogy out, her bad girl leading lady, Madison Parker, is already exploring the murky waters of celebrity. And, if you thought things couldn't get more scandalous for Madison, LC shared with us that it’s only going to get juicier as the series progresses.

"The third one is roughly outlined. I know where Madison’s going to end up, and I am in the very early stages of the second one right now," she told MTV News about the series, a follow-up to her bestselling "L.A. Candy." And while her spotlight-hungry protagonist may seem hard to love, LC said that she’s making sure readers can find redeeming qualities as the story progresses.

“I think that the biggest challenge is to take a love-to-hate character and really humanize her,” she explained. “So I knew where I wanted her to start, and I knew where I wanted her to end up and along the way I kind of wanted her to hit rock bottom. So that’s where I’m at right now, sort of taking her along her own journey.”

Given that LC’s never had time to hit rock bottom herself, what with her empire building and all, we wondered if it was hard for her to explore those lows.

“I think there’s definitely times, I think, especially when you’re younger and you’re working in the entertainment industry, it feels very much like high stakes,” she said likening her experience on "The Hills" to Madison’s experience in La La Land. "So, I think it’s hard and a lot of people—it’s something that happens a lot in Hollywood is that people hit rock bottom.”

The second book in the trilogy, “Starstruck,” will hit stores in November.

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