'Great Gatsby' Trailer Makes All Our Fashion Fantasies Come True

The first trailer for director Baz Luhrmann's glitzy "Great Gatsby" adaptation has roared onto the web, fulfilling the hopes of fashionistas everywhere that this would indeed be the costume drama of the year.

Set in 1920s New York, F. Scott Fitzgerald's iconic novel chronicles Midwesterner Nick Carraway's (Tobey Maguire) entrance into East Coast high society and his introduction to the enigmatic Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio), who asks for his help to win back former love Daisy (Carey Mulligan). In keeping with his previous films like "Australia" and "Moulin Rouge!" Baz has turned to Oscar-winning costume designer Catherine Martin to bring the styles of the early 20th century into eye-popping relief. And we can't get enough.

The trailer opens on one of the film's many posh parties, where we catch a glimpse of Nick's would-be paramour Jordan (Elizabeth Debicki) in a black halter dress with a jewel-encrusted neckline. It's sexy yet somehow regal. Not to be outdone, Daisy shines in a number of outfits throughout the clip, but we're especially fond of this simpler purple flapper-style frock with ruffled sleeves and matching lace gloves.

Speaking of accessories, no detail is too small here—from gem-drenched headpieces (like this leaf-themed one on Daisy), to a myriad of felt hats, scarves and chic sunglasses. This is movie tie-in merch we'd happily blow our paychecks on. (Retailers, take note!)

Yet, for me, Mr. DiCaprio somehow outshines the ladies. Sure, he's flaunting the requisite (and sometimes boring) crisply tailored tuxedo, but his more casual suits are still impeccable—unpredictable, even—befitting the resort style one might envision when thinking of upper crust Long Island. I'm particularly fond of the ivory jacket with the emerald button-up and amber tie. Frankly, Leonardo is looking the best he has in years. More please!

"The Great Gatsby" hits theaters on December 25.

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