'Girls' Recap: 'The Return'

It was back to the 'burbs last night for our favorite unemployed Brooklynite, as Hannah packed her garbage bag of laundry luggage to fly home for her parents' 30th wedding anniversary. "The Return" was co-written by executive producer Judd Apatow, and it was hard to miss the shades of his dearly departed "Freaks and Geeks," with the episode's small-town Michigan setting and appearance by erstwhile Mrs. Weir, Becky Ann Baker.

Driving home from the airport, Hannah's parents enthused about spending their milestone with their best friend, "the person we created." As the conversation turned to Hannah's life in New York, she was open about ending things with Adam but didn't admit to quitting her job or that she needed money to pay rent. And once she stepped over the threshold of her childhood home—as is often the case—Hannah reverted to petulant child mode, whining at her parents for encroaching in her personal life and stuffing her face with all of the leftovers. Familial roles are just hard to shake, I suppose.

The next morning, Hannah's mom sent her to the drugstore to pick up her hormone replacement pills. There, Hannah ran into a former high school classmate, Eric, who works as a pharmacist. After gifting her with a free bottle of lube for her mom (yep, that happened!), Eric asked her out on a date. They agreed to go to the benefit for missing classmate Carrie Lawrence.

Hannah broke the news to her parents that she would not be joining them for their anniversary dinner at Si'Il Vous Plate, employing a guilt trip about dating men who treat her heart like monkey meat and saying she deserved to go on a date with a nice, regular guy. Her parents acquiesced. After a slice of pepperoni pizza, Hannah and Eric went to the benefit, where Hannah's high school friend (and soon to be struggling dancer/waitress in L.A.) Heather performed a not-so-rousing dance number/lip synch to Keri Hilson's "Pretty Girl Rock." Hannah went home with Eric and had awkward sex. (See, the suburbs aren't that different from the city!)

Meanwhile, at House Horvath, Hannah's parents were also doing the deed...in the shower. Things got a little too wet and wild, though, when Hannah's dad slipped out of the tub. sprawled unconscious on the floor. Hannah came home to find mom trying to revive naked dad. She may feel uncomfortable asking for rent money, but I think she has a good claim for therapy bills.

After tucking dad into bed, Hannah and her mom had a nice little moment in the hallway, where mom once again asked if she needed money. Hannah said she didn't. "That's my scrappy little girl," mom said proudly.

Throughout the weekend, Hanna had been dialing Adam's number and hanging up, which eventually prompted him to call her. And from her enthusiasm, I suspect this was the first time he had ever done so. Though he confused Michigan for Ohio, it was a surprisingly sweet chat, in which he admitted to missing her, and Hannah bemoaned the general state of life in New York. "We're all slaves to this place that doesn't even want us," she mused. Which, truth be told, could be an assessment of their relationship, as well.

What did you think about last night's "Girls"? Did you like that the action moved out of Manhattan and into Michigan? What parts made you cringe? Were you at all charmed by Adam? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!

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