'Glee' Recap: 'Props/Nationals'

So. Much. Glee. Last night’s two-hour, double episode was like a "Glee" movie, and just like "Glee: The 3D Concert Movie," it was light on plot but full of memorable moments.

As New Directions prepares for Nationals, Sue is worried that Vocal Adrenaline can’t be beat now that they have the extraordinarily talented, cross-dressing Unique. To compensate, she tries to coerce Kurt into wearing a dress. While he refuses, this does lead to a hilarious Kurt/Blaine flashback to Halloween, when they dressed up as Snooki and The Situation, respectively. Love it!

Still pining over her failed NYADA audition, Rachel leaves judge Carmen Tibideaux a 15th voicemail asking for another chance.

During a slave-driving rehearsal with Sue, Tina storms out in a rage, annoyed that she never gets a solo. Later, while in a text fight with Mike at the mall, she accidentally falls into a water fountain and hits her head—causing the body swap we gave you a sneak peek at last week. Finn and Puck are now Kurt and Blaine, Artie and Mercedes become Santana and Brittany, even Sue and Will switch! It’s super trippy, makes no sense plot-wise, and is a totally awesome “Glee” moment. Tina, as Rachel, belts out some Celine Dion to receive her first standing ovation.

Sue, worried that New Directions doesn’t have a prop as unique as Unique, tries to work welding, sparks and little people into the Nationals routine. Though Kurt refuses to don drag for the team, Puck strolls into practice wearing a dress and a wig. Unfortunately, the hockey bullies catch his little act and challenge him to a rumble by the Dumpsters. Though Puck used to be McKinley’s prime bully, he’s the one who ends up Dumpster diving. In a last ditch effort to regain his dignity, he pulls out a (rubber) knife, scaring away the crowds but landing in big trouble with Coach Beiste. After an emotional heart to heart, and a great scene that sees Beiste finally leave Cooter, she convinces Puck’s teacher to give him another chance at the test he failed, and decides to come help chaperone Nationals.

Switched back to their proper selves, Tina drives Rachel to Oberlin to track down Ms. Tibideaux. Though the uptight judge chastises Rachel for wasting her time, Tina stands up for her buddy and invites the esteemed judge to come see Rachel at Nationals. It seems that Tina’s short flirtation with diva-dom is over, and not a moment too soon.

Spelling out the lesson of the episode for us, Rachel comments on how different the glee kids all are and how great it is that everyone reaches out and accepts each other. Kumbaya!

Download or Ditch

“I Won’t Give Up” – Download

Rachel sings Jason Mraz, like everything else, beautifully.

“Because You Loved Me” – Ditch

We love you, Tina, but you just can’t belt like Rachel.

“Mean” – Download

This rendition from Puck and Beiste is heartfelt and passionate.

“What a Feeling” – Ditch

It’s a great song, but something about this version falls flat.

The second hour of “Glee” finds us at Nationals in Chicago. Mercedes is in bed with a fever, Will is whining to Emma because he wants his kids to win, and the rest of the group is fighting over jazz squares and over-rehearsing. Basically, things are starting to come apart at the seams. Uh-oh!

Right before the performances, Rachel runs into (gasp!) Jesse St. James. Does he still have a thing for her? Will tries to pep talk the glee club, but instead, Finn takes over, telling him, "You know a teacher’s job is done when his students don’t need him anymore." With Mercedes back from her deathbed, Beiste scarfing down chocolate to calm her nerves, and guest judges Lindsay Lohan, Perez Hilton, and Lloyd from "Entourage"—playing some other character—in the house, it’s show time! Of course, the New Directions knock “Edge of Glory,” “It’s All Coming Back” and “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” out of the park. As it if couldn’t get any better, Ms. Tibideaux catches Rachel’s performance and loves it.

After a little foreshadowing action (hint: Unique will probably end up at McKinley in the fall), Vocal Adrenaline, a.k.a the Unique back-up group, takes the stage to rock some Nicki Minaj and The Who.

The judges deliberate, and although Perez is rooting for Vocal Adrenaline, LiLo votes New Directions because they’re making a comeback...like her. Get it? Well, it seems La Lohan yields more influence, because New Directions wins Nationals!! Also, Jesse seeks out Ms. Tibideaux and tells her how amazing Rachel is, so expect some NYADA action in her future.

As the glee club rolls back into McKinley, the hockey team approaches with slushie cups, but they’re full of confetti. Finally, the Glee kids get the recognition they’ve fought so hard for, in a montage set to Grouplove’s “Tongue Tied.” And they’re not the only ones celebrating; Will and Emma finally get it on!

Before the marathon episode closes out, Figgins enlists the help of the glee kids to present the Teacher of the Year award, which, of course, goes to none other than Mr. Schuester. Finchel deliver a heartfelt speech crediting him with teaching them how to dream, before leading the New Directions through an epic performance of “We Are the Champions.”

Download or Ditch

“Edge of Glory” – Download

Once again, “Glee” does Gaga justice.

“It’s All Coming Back” – Download

This is one of Rachel’s best ballads yet.

“Paradise by the Dashboard Light” – Download

A quirky yet catchy song choice, this song that no “Glee” viewer had ever heard of was the episode’s standout.

“Starship” – Ditch

This was fun to watch, but the vocals don’t add much to the original version.

“Pinball Wizard” – Download

Mercedes needs to watch out, because Unique sure can belt it out!

“We Are the Champions” – Download

This joins “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Sing” as a new “Glee” classic.

What’s going to happen in next week’s finale? Will Rachel get into NYADA? Will Puck graduate? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!