Poll: Best Movie Awards Acceptance-Speech Kiss

With the MTV Movie Awards just around the corner, we're starting to feel a wee bit nostalgic for all the other wondrous moments we've seen at Movie Awards past—and when it comes to wondrous moments, there's nothing quite like the ones where our award-winners take the stage, grasp their awards, hold them high and get overcome by emotion...and then, by the overwhelming urge to furiously mouth each other like a couple of golden retriever puppies.

Which happens a lot! Yes, kissing interrupts our acceptance speeches at the Movie Awards with alarming frequency (and, curiously, not just when the actors involved are collecting the honors for Best Kiss. It must just be something about the Golden Popcorn that makes all these celebs feel the loooove.) And with this many winning smooches gracing our Movie Awards stage over the years—from Will Ferrell and Sacha Baron Cohen's 2007 rolling liplock to Robsten's kinda-sorta-smooch in 2010—it's high time we picked a winner from the winners...or that YOU did. So, vote in our poll and tell us: Which acceptance-speech kiss takes the cake?

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Polls close Tuesday, May 29 at noon, with results to be announced in the lead-up to the 2012 MTV Movie Awards. Vote now and vote often!

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