'Girls' Recap: 'Hard Being Easy'

A flashback, an almost sex scandal and a breakup: just another Sunday night on "Girls."

Hannah was still dealing with fallout from the journal incident. Excuse me, notebook incident. "I feel like journal applies to a 13-year-old girl who rides horses and is obsessed with her mom, and that's just not what I'm about," Hannah huffed as Charlie and Marnie debated the authenticity of Hannah's notebook musings. Marnie said Hannah didn't know anything, but Charlie seemed to disagree, storming out and taking with him the Restoration Hardware-esque table he crafted for his sweetheart. Marnie vowed to win him back.

Hannah headed off to work with Jessa in tow, discussing her boss' sexually harassing ways. Jessa suggested Hannah have sex with him—mostly for the story potential—but Hannah insisted she couldn't because she has a boyfriend. Or at least she thought she had a boyfriend in Adam. But something must have changed her mind because once at work, Hannah propositioned her boss: "You're gross, I'm gross." Clearly sound logic as to why two people should do it. When boss balked ("I'm a married man!"), she threatened to go all Erin Brockovich on him and initiate a class-action lawsuit. "There's no suing app on your phone," he countered. Spinning her wheels, Hannah then tried to extort $1,000 out of him for her silence. Despite all of her crazy rants, boss was incredulously willing to give her another chance: "You're great. You don't know how to do anything, but you have so much potential," he said. Hannah quit anyway.

Meanwhile, Marnie went about winning Charlie back. First order of business: finding out where he lived. Yep, in the five years they'd been dating, Marnie had never been to Charlie's apartment, yet somehow she knew where to find his friend/bandmate Ray to ask him for the address. And let me just say Charlie's apartment looks nothing like any 20-something guy's apartment I've seen. To quote Marnie, "It's like a Target ad," what with its general tidiness and hand-crafted, blond-wood furnishings. Charlie insisted history was the only thing keeping them together, which provided the first flashback opportunity for the series:

It was Oberlin College's 2007 Galactic Safe Sex Ball, and a head-banded Marnie refused to leave her spot leaning against a poll because she was scared after scarfing down pot-laced, Jell-O-shot-topped brownies. Hannah promised she'd stay by her...until her now-gay boyfriend bounced over wanting to dance to Scissor Sisters. BF asked then-stranger Charlie to watch over Marnie, and as they say, the rest is history.

This whole Marnie-Charlie exchange reminded me of that episode of "Friends," in which Ross tries to win Rachel back after sleeping with the copy girl ("We were on a break!"). But unlike that episode, Charlie decided to take Marnie back. The two proceeded to have sex in Charlie's cramped loft bed, but midway through, Marnie just couldn't do it and declared their relationship was over.

For the second episode this season, Jessa was tied down with a non-starter plotline in which she hooked up with an old boyfriend. (Can we get a forward-moving story for this girl soon?) Anyway, the highpoint of the dalliance was watching virginal Shoshanna spy on them from behind a curtain. Little perv, indeed.

As she's wont to do following one of her many crises, Hannah went to Adam's apartment to find solace. Except, he didn't understand why she was there considering she'd said she wanted to end things with him when last they saw each other. But that was before the sex. Confused, Hannah retreated to the bathroom to gather her thoughts. When she came out to leave, she found Adam getting busy with himself. He encouraged her to stay and watch, which was a bit strange. Add dirty talk and Hannah pilfering $100 for cab fare from his dresser, and the whole thing was incredibly bizarre and uncomfortable. Like we said, just another Sunday night for "Girls."

What did you think of last night's "Girls"? Do you think Marnie and Charlie are broken up for good? Will Hannah find another job in time to pay rent? And what's up with her and Adam? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!