Style Superstar: 'Battleship' Star Rihanna Goes Overboard In A Good Way

All hands were on deck for the L.A. premiere of "Battleship" this week, but the fun red-carpet looks from the film's stars were anything but military issue. (We could spend all day ogling Alexander Skarsgård in his perfectly tailored suit! Or, um, out of it.) And when it came time to pick this week's Style Superstar, there was no better place to look than amongst the crew members from the Earth's last stand against evil aliens! Who took home the honors by taking the notion of "dress whites" to a whole new level? And whose ethereal look was dead in the water?

Rihanna's wild white dress and halfway shaved hairstyle were the source of some conflict amongst fashion gossips...but one look at her walking the red carpet, and we're officially feeling the love. The unusual drape of this dress turned it into a show-stopper every time Rihanna moved, and her black-and-white accessories and bright pink lips were a perfect match for her edgy look. And while, okay, the hair is a little...odd, RiRi's ability to carry off unusual cuts is so much a part of her signature style, it's just not possible to hate it. This Style Superstar can sink our battleship anytime.

Also sporting some edge at the premiere: Brooklyn Decker, whose jagged hemline was an unusual twist to this otherwise-staid strapless gown. But instead of embracing the unorthodox aspects of her look and punching it up with some bright heels and bold accessories, Brooklyn opted for staid nude shoes and soft, romantic hair—making it look like her dress was less edgy-on-purpose, and more the result of an unfortunate accident. (Maybe she tore it off to tie up an alien invader.)

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