Share Your Way To A Sneak Peek At 'Teen Wolf' Season 2

If you got hooked by the gut-wrenching, shape-shifting, uber-thrilling first season of MTV's "Teen Wolf," then the wait for the series' June return probably has you feeling hungry like a... well, you know. But instead of helplessly clawing the walls in anticipation, now you've got a chance to feast your eyes on the first 10 minutes of the second season almost a full month early—that is, if your passion for the next chapter in the saga can propel the new season two trailer to the 5-million view mark.

Yep, you heard us: This trailer doesn't just offer a sneak peek at the drama in store when "Teen Wolf" returns this summer, it's also the key to unlocking an EXCLUSIVE early look at the very first season two episode. And by the way, the drama in store? VERY DRAMATIC. There's romance! Rage! Old grudges and new alphas! Uneasy alliances and terrifying revelations! And on top of it all, a scary new breed of superwolf that EXISTS JUST FOR KILLING!

Excited? Yeah, you are. But if you want your special 10-minute reward, it's going to take 5 million views to make it happen. So watch it, tweet it, share it on Facebook, and shout it out to every corner of the wolf-lovin' internet... and then come back and watch it again, because between the freaky foreshadowing, the well-muscled torsos and the blood-spattered rapid cuts, you know you want to see it all again.

Are you aching to unlock the sneak preview of season two?