'Glee' Body Swap: Sneak Peek!

GleeBlaine flaunts a mohawk, and Artie has a ponytail. Puck is dressed in a sweater vest, and Quinn is wearing cheetah print. Rachel sits slouching, and Tina's hair is color-free. The "Glee" body swap episode looks like one hilarious fever dream we may not want to wake up from!

In the first hour of next week's special two-hour episode, Tina takes a fall in a fountain and suffers a concussion. When she wakes up, her bangs are cut straight across her head and she's wearing a button-up shirt and a heart-shaped dot sweater. Yes, Gleeks, she's Rachel Berry. The whole gang, including Mr. Schue and Cheerios coach Sue Sylvester, switch bodies and hilarity ensues.

"It's hard to do this scene because the whole time we're all looking at each other—looking at everybody's impressions of ourselves," Kevin McHale, who plays Artie, said in a just-released sneak peek.

Here's the breakdown of the swaps: As we already mentioned Tina becomes Rachel and Kurt becomes Finn. Sugar turns into Quinn and Mike dresses as Joe. Rory switches bodies with Sam and Mr. Schue and Sue become each other. Blaine is now Puck and Artie turns into Santana. Instead of having the actors simply stay as themselves, but act as another character, each New Directions member is dressing as the person they swap bodies with.

Cory Monteith, who plays Finn—well, now Kurt (are you getting as confused as we are?)—said he does his own hair for the show so, of course, he provided Chris Colfer with his expertise on set. "I'm a self-styler," Cory said. "[Finn's hair] is a time-honored 'Glee' tradition. It's very specific, and so I wanted to make sure that Finn was properly represented."

Lea Michele, who plays Rachel, said she enjoyed stretching her acting muscles to play a different character—one that isn't always prim and proper.

"I'm so happy that I get to play Tina because I love being able to slouch and also give dirty looks sometimes," Lea said, as Jenna Ushkowitz broke down in a fit of giggles next to her (we don't know how they held it together while filming).

Jenna agreed and chimed in: "Being a love interest with Chris Colfer playing Finn is the sentence I never thought I'd ever say."

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