Our Favorite Moments From MTV First: 'Snow White And The Huntsman'

If there's one thing we learned from last night's MTV First: "Snow White and the Huntsman," it's that the cast is seriously fun (they also like to talk about their feelings). From fan questions to the rapid-fire "Yes/No Show," the cast (especially Charlize Theron) was on their A-game. There were certain clips we could watch over and over, so we put together our favorite moments in this video!

The jokes came out the moment MTV News' Josh Horowitz opened the show. "Well, we're all tied to these chairs. What you can't see is that we can't leave," Charlize said with a laugh.

And thank goodness for that, we got a whole juicy 30 minutes full of laughs. During the "Yes/No Show," Josh asked Kristen Stewart if her "Twilight" co-star and off-screen beau Robert Pattinson has ever mentioned him. When she answered yes, Josh gave a really enthusiastic, "Gooood!"

Charlize chimed in: "Wow, you shouldn't be so excited about that. Kristen, I'd be worried if I was you."

Josh brought the boys into the party when he asked Chris Hemsworth if he could show off some ax moves (and proceeded to let him know he's "gonna get them"—the weapons—four times). After the "Thor" actor effortless wielded his ax, Kristen showed all the practical ways to use her sword.

"It's a great back-scratcher. You can lean on it when you get tired. You can f--- people," she says as she poked the sword at Charlize. When Josh then mentioned how great the interview was going, the "Twilight" star laughed and said, "F--- you. Seriously."

But it seems she regretted her language after Josh joked that it was their last interview. She looked over at Sam Claflin and said, "I think he just broke up with me, like really passively broke up with me."

Oh, Kristen, there's no way MTV News could break up with you! "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" hasn't even come out yet.

Watch the video for the rest of our favorite moments!

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