'Beautiful Creatures' Casts Its Spell On Us During EXCLUSIVE Set Visit

Considering Gatlin, South Carolina, is a fictional hamlet, New Orleans seems the most appropriate, real-life locale to film the big-screen adaptation of Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl's best-selling "Beautiful Creatures." After all, the city is dark, dreamy and steeped with a rich mystical history—a perfect match for the similarly gothic tale. And so it was that MTV News traveled to The Big Easy for an EXCLUSIVE first look at the film and a chat with its four young stars.

For the uninitiated, "Beautiful Creatures" tells the story of small-town teen Ethan Wate, who's been having troubling dreams about a mysterious girl. So you can imagine his surprise when said girl shows up in town...and she's a caster (what many of us would refer to as a witch). Talk about the perfect storm for one magical love story!

But Ethan and Lena's romance must weather its fair share of trials, including bullying from a posse of mean girls led by Ethan's ex Emily. That was exactly the tumultuous scene being filmed by stars Alice Englert (Lena), Alden Ehrenreich (Ethan), Thomas Mann (Link) and Zoey Deutch (Emily) during our day on set. But what looked like a fairly straight-forward (albeit not-so-kindly) moment took a turn for the eye-popping when a series of windows blew out with the power of a gale-force wind. (Novel readers will understand the significance of this particular moment...)

And we weren't the only ones awestruck over the effects. "I forgot that we were shooting, and I just stood there, like, [drops jaw], my eyes crossed. It's going to look so ridiculous," enthused Zoey. "It's really fun. It was insane. It was so loud. I really thought there was an earthquake."

Click on the video above to watch our entire set visit video, in which the stars talk about their supernatural romance, their characters and comparisons to other YA adaptations.

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