Kristen Stewart Hopes Her 'Snow White' Role Will Make Her A Better Person

Kristen Stewart was in rare form last night at the Q&A-turned-pseudo-group-therapy session that was our "Snow White and the Huntsman" cast interview (which, if you missed it, went live on just after we debuted an EXCLUSIVE clip from the film). Kristen, along with Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth, and Sam Claflin, sat down with MTV News' Josh Horowitz to answer fan-submitted questions about their experience making the movie—and although there was plenty of camaraderie amongst the actors, there were also a lot of FEELINGS...beginning at the moment when Kristen fielded a question about how she related to her fairytale character.

After a few false starts, the actress managed to gather her thoughts enough to say, "She's got very little life experience. She feels such strong things and can't say exactly why she feels those things, and I can completely relate to that."

But once the ball was rolling on Kristen's answer, she offered up some scattered but surprisingly deep insights on how Snow White's flaws mirror her own. "I can relate to feeling arrogant about it, a little bit," she explained. "It's not about being who you are, it's...about not saying what everyone thinks I'm going to say, because I'm uncomfortable. She's very instinctive." (And if you've ever seen Kristen get thrown off by an interview question, you know exactly what she's talking about.)

And in addition to relating on a personal level to her character, Kristen said that she was thrilled to give the fairytale princess a more in-depth treatment—and that she didn't worry about whether or not it would line up with the common image of Snow White that exists in everyone's mind.

"That image is, like a dress and a haircut," she said of the archetypal Snow White. "And she's so true to the character in the original telling, on a basic level. I was excited to see the growth of this person. She's such a child in the beginning, and has such a strong sense of self in a way that isn't normal. It's almost supernatural. She's got this connection to the earth and to her people that makes her so empathetic. She's truly bleeding for other people. It's something I want to get to, if I can."

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