Dianna Agron Talks 'Glee' Prom Episode, Promises 'Surprising Moments'

Gleeks, are you ready for tonight's prom episode?! We're so excited you'd think we were actually attending the high school dance with Cory Monteith or Chord Overstreet. We can't wait to see the cuties don tuxedos and see what killer dresses the ladies picked out! But, as if our anticipation wasn't high enough, Dianna Agron told MTV News that there will be some "surprising moments"!

"We had [director] Eric Stoltz back with us, who directed last year's—he's really fun and really knows teenage life. That prom episode last year really felt like 'Pretty in Pink' and 'Sixteen Candles'—it had that awesome touch to it," she said about tonight's "Glee" episode.

But even though Eric returned to McKinley High to helm "Prom-asaurus," Dianna assured us the episode will be very different from last year's.

"It wasn't our last year of school," the starlet said, "and there wasn't really that thought process like that this might be one of the last moments together, so that's all really incorporated in this year's. There's a fun theme to it; there's some really surprising moments. I think people will like it."

Speaking of a theme, if you couldn't guess from the title of the episode, Brittany (Heather Morris) picked a dinosaur motif for the big event. Dianna called it "fantastic," but said no one will actually dress up in a pre-historic costume (couldn't you just picture Puck pulling a senior prank like that, though?). Dinosaur theme aside, the actress also told us that her "Glee" prom experience was very different from her real-life prom.

"We went with all of our friends, so it wasn't really so much of 'let's have a romantic date.' There were about 25 of us who just said, 'Okay, pick somebody,'" Dianna revealed. "And we all went in a bus and we all had dinner before. It was just really fun and a lot of dancing."

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