Met Costume Institute Gala: Style Superlatives For Kristen Stewart, Nina Dobrev, More!

The fashion was out in full force at last night's Met Costume Institute Gala in New York City, with even the most consistently well-dressed stars going above and beyond to bring their boldest looks to the red carpet. But while everyone looked lovely, a few of the ladies in attendance earned special superlatives from our style scouts. Who are the winners? Check it!

Best Impression of a Disco Ball: Carey Mulligan

We've got a Saturday night fever, and the only prescription is more Carey.

Most Mondrian Dress: Kristen Stewart

KStew's pieced-together ensemble was a sweet nod to some of the work in the Met's modern galleries.

Best Biker Chic: Rooney Mara

The star of "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" has been combining leather and lace like a boss ever since her turn as Lisbeth Salander, and her look last night was no exception.

Most Perfectly Pooled Train: Nina Dobrev

With a lush, shimmering train following her throughout the evening, the "Vampire Diaries" star looked like she was melting into a glorious puddle of haute couture.

Best Trompe-l'oeil: Camilla Bell

With sheer straps that matched her skin perfectly, Camilla's illusory gown definitely made us look twice.

Hottest Mama: Beyoncé

Blue Ivy's beautiful mom was seriously styling in black lace and purple feathers.

Most Confectionery: Florence Welch

The singer looked pastry-perfect in this tiered dress that reminded us of a wedding cake. In the best way.

Best Plunge: Lea Michele

The star of "Glee" was definitely sporting some post-high-school style in a down-to-there neckline and up-to-there slit.

Most Haunting: Lily Collins

The porcelain-skinned star of "Mirror Mirror" looked ready to pull ghostly double-duty in this high-necked dress with long sleeves and lace accents.

Raddest Ruffles: Christina Ricci

Not content to simply adorn Christina's decolletage, this ruffle ambitiously climbed over the actress's shoulder, tied itself into a gigantic bow, and then wandered across the carpet in search of someone else to... er, ruff up.

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