MTV First: 'Snow White And The Huntsman' Starts Now!

Sharpen your broadsword and grab your poison apples, fairytale fans: it's time for the much-anticipated MTV First: "Snow White and the Huntsman" with the cast of this summer's gothic-sexy reboot of the classic story. (And yes, the gothic sexy is out in full force: Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth and Sam Claflin will all be offering commentary and answering fan-submitted questions alongside MTV's Josh Horowitz!)

The fun starts at 7:56pm on MTV with an EXCLUSIVE clip from the film, followed by a Q&A sesh right here with its stars. And because obsessing over every little detail of these buzzworthy features is kind of our favorite thing, we'll be liveblogging the festivities right here for the duration! So click on through to keep us company, get ready to feast your tiny eyeballs on some serious "Snow White and the Huntsman" sneak peekage, and join the discussion in the comments!

8:30 Aaaaand that's a wrap! Did you love it? (Please say you loved it.) Thanks for joining us!

8:29 And here comes the Twitter rapid-fire: Favorite meal? Unanimous: BANGERS AND MASH! Favorite sexy song? Unanimous! EVERYONE SINGS "LET'S GET IT ON" AT ONCE! What are you afraid of? Charlize says, "Snakes." (Of course, we all know she's cool with an oil bath full of dead birds, so...)

8:27 Of course, no K-stew interview would be complete without a "Breaking Dawn" question.

8:26 Sam says, "If anyone has a job for me..." (We say: "Hunger Games"?)

8:24 Has this Q&A set the record for bleeped-out bleepiness? Charlize and Kristen are on a roll with the profanity!

8:22 Speaking of accents, can't we get Sam to talk a bit more?

8:21 Something to think about: Kristen and Charlize both had to do their fight scenes in huge, heavy costumes made of metal and chain mail. Chris did his in lightweight leather. So, who's the best badass? Obviously the ladies.

8:19 CHRIS'S AXE MOVE. WOW. Even with Charlize making "baton twirler" jokes, it's still pretty impressive. (Pssst, Chris! You can twirl my baton anytime!)

8:18 Flashback time: Charlize, in an earlier interview, says that Kristen's fighting skills were SERIOUS BUSINESS. (Actual quote: "Bitch brought it!") But Kristen says she faked it all over the place.

8:16 Oooh, wouldn't it have been great if they talked a little about the parallels between the cult of beauty in the film and the one in Hollywood? ...Oh well.

8:15 Revelation: Kristen and Charlize both admit that their characters have mommy issues.

8:14 Uh-oh, is this turning into a group therapy sesh? All this sincerity!

8:12 Chris Hemsworth's sexy Aussie accent deserves so much more than three words of showcase...ment.

8:10 Lest Charlize's turn in "Monster" didn't convince you that she was committed to her craft, let's take a moment to acknowledge that she took her role as the Queen so seriously that she tore a muscle while screaming at people. Hopefully while the cameras were rolling.

8:07 How cute is it the way the cast keeps finishing each other's sentences? And the giggling! And the inside jokery! Clearly, lots of bonding took place on set. ...Bonding, and sex jokes.

8:05 Time to hear from the villain: we can't wait to see Charlize playing pure evil, and she says they're all pushing the boundaries of their fairytale archetypes.

8:03 Also: K-Stew's Snow White is so much more than a dress and a haircut. (For one, she also wears neato breeches under her dress!)

8:01 Time for the Q&A sesh: someone wants to know how Kristen relates to Snow White, who the cast nicknames... Snowy! Aww. Kristen admits: "She feels such strong things, and sort of can't say why she feels those things. And I can completely relate to that."

7:58 Okay! In summary: Kristen Stewart wears armor like a boss, Charlize Theron does EVIL like a bigger boss, and that clip was a terrible tease.

7:57 Okay, this is NOT the fairytale forest, and... WAIT. It's over?!

7:56 Aaaaaand here we go! Kristen's already laughing.

7:52 Other guess: Chris Hemsworth, frolicking with a unicorn, singing a happy huntsman song while his pectorals shine in the enchanted sunlight. (Hey, we can dream.)

7:50 Our guess: a scene in the fairytale forest, possibly involving dwarves.

7:45 Liveblog is GO. Welcome! We've got just eleven minutes left before the big ta-da moment... which makes this an excellent time to start speculating about what we might see during the EXCLUSIVE clip from the film.