Style Superstar: Mischa Barton Twists Her Way To Top Honors

Sometimes, claiming the title of best-dressed means stepping outside your comfort zone—as the subjects of this week's style spotlight know only too well! But those who push the envelope in pursuit of untraveled fashion territory can sometimes push it too far, shooting right over the lines of Brave New World and arriving right in the center of Crazytown. Whose fresh take on fashion has catapulted her out of the worst-dressed doldrums and right into Style Superstardom? And who could use a little less daring-to-be-different on her next red-carpet outing?

This week's Style Superstar is rarely seen in the style-wild to begin with, and when she does make an appearance, it's more often than not on (alas) a list of fashion don'ts. But while this white silk dress with a twisty torso and unusual cutout sides is anything but a safe choice, Mischa Barton worked it like a pro at the Women for Women International Gala dinner this week. The actress emerged from her usual out-of-the-spotlight hiding place looking healthy and happy, opting for simple black shoes and a studded necklace to complement the complicated dress. And with bold, wine-red lipstick framing her smile, Mischa not only owned her daring duds but looked to be having a great time wearing them.

Meanwhile January Jones opted for her own oddity of a cocktail dress at a special screening of "La Revolution Bleue" this week. The actress usually favors clean lines and classic cuts, so this patterned peplum number was a step in a new direction—but between the awkward length, the clashing prints, and a cut that doesn't much flatter January's slender figure, the dress wasn't a winner this week. And when it comes to stepping outside your fashion comfort zone, this ensemble is a good example of why it's good to try just one new thing at a time instead of all the new things at one time.

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What do you think of this week's best and worst-dressed picks?