'Secret Circle' Recap: 'Prom'

Secret Circleby Ryan J. Downey

Faye kidnapped by Eben! Nick sent back to the grave! The truth about Blackwell revealed to Diana and Cassie, the truth about Charles killing Cassie's mother revealed to Diana, a bit of history about Jake and Faye, plus time travel, flying cars, a junkyard battle and of course, the prom! The events of "Prom," the last episode of "The Secret Circle" before next week's sure-to-be-a-doozy season one finale, were action packed in the literal and emotional sense from start to finish.

In recent interviews with Hollywood Crush, both Chris Zylka (Jake) and Shelley Hennig (Diana) promised us that things would get crazy in "Prom" (and next week's "Family"), and they weren't kidding! The mistrust and tension developing between the half-sisterly duo of Cassie and her recently revealed Secret Sibling, Diana, is a bit of an echo of the battle the pair's mothers had over Blackwell back in the day. Blackwell disrupted their parents' Circle. In fact, he used magic to make sure all of the girls in the last Circle conceived with their boyfriends (holy teen pregnancy epidemic!) in addition to siring Cassie and Diana himself. We learned in an awesome bit of time travel that Cassie's mother really loved Adam's dad and more importantly, that Blackwell has plotted his control over the current Circle for 16 years!

As the episode opened, we found the gang reeling from the recent discovery of Nick's return from the grave. Jake was convinced that the "thing" murdering people is really just some sort of demon possessed zombie type version of his brother, but lovesick Melissa couldn't wrap her head around that reality at first. The Circle argued about Nick at the abandoned house us fans love to call The Secret Circle Clubhouse, with Adam pointing out the whole situation was nuts "even by our crazy standards." Yes, "Prom" dealt a lot with the fact that these poor kids are always off hunting for crystals and fighting demons instead of getting to live normal lives.

Speaking of the hunt for crystals, sort-of-zombie Nick was just as obsessed with finding the last remaining piece of the crystal skull as Blackwell. He broke into the Clubhouse looking for it and attacked Melissa after Adam's arrival startled him. This action all but solidified the truth about Nick for the rest of the crew, but Melissa continued to hold onto hope that he could somehow be saved and returned to his normal self. As for Blackwell's hunt for the crystal, he told Cassie about a spell she could use to discover its location at the high school, where last week's uncloaking spell revealed it to be.

Cassie cut her finger open and made a symbol on the floor that sent her back in time, where she saw her teenaged mother running down the hall (and dressed in an awesome outfit straight out of the original "Beverly Hills, 90210"). Later, Cassie figured out that it must've been her Balcoin blood that gives her the ability to travel back in time, so she enlisted a reluctant Diana (who still didn't want to use dark magic and made her growing distrust of Blackwell clear) to dip back into the past with her a second time, where they watched both of their mothers argue with each other. This is where the truth about Blackwell came out. It was also where they overhead Adam's grandfather reveal that the crystal was hidden in the trophy case, where he put it when Amelia told him she was taking Cassie out of Chance Harbor.

Charles spent the episode trying to bond with Diana while Blackwell did everything he could behind the scenes to drive them apart, especially once Dawn (having Charles' back) reminded him that he couldn't outright kill him without the entire town suspecting him thanks to their public confrontation a while back. Charles gave Diana a necklace that belonged to her mother. But after she left, Blackwell lurked outside and used magic to recreate Charles attack on Amelia. Charles became convinced that Amelia was haunting him and wound up curled up in a ball on the kitchen floor, where Diana discovered him after the prom. He confessed to killing Cassie's mom, and Diana ran outside into the rain in despair. Blackwell, with his collar popped, was waiting outside but before he could intercept her, Grant pulled up like an Australian knight in shining armor (they had made a sort of after-prom date at the coffee shop earlier) and consoled her. Poor Grant: no clue what's happening! (Of course, we at Crush suspect that Grant can't possibly just be a nice boatman, right? He has to have some sort of secret role in things. But we'll see).

Much like dances on "The Vampire Diaries," things most assuredly always go dark when the gang tries to dress up and party down on "The Secret Circle." Faye insisted that everyone start drinking champagne and cutting loose regardless, even as Jake continued to be preoccupied with putting his brother out of his misery. Melissa lamented the situation with Nick and their Circle's situation in general, and Adam created a little quiet moment for the two of them to cheer her up.

We learned that when Jake stood-up Faye at the prom two years before, Faye sat at home crying about it and developed her thick skinned devil-may-care attitude as a result. Jake later apologized during one of a handful of nice interludes between the two characters, during which Faye advised Jake to let go of his "self-hate." She insisted they were all equally to blame for letting Nick become demon possessed, drowned and resurrected and for Jake to stop blaming himself for all of it.

Nick burst into the school (literally, breaking a window and killing a poor security guard) in search of the crystal just as Cassie and Diana returned from the past with knowledge of its whereabouts but moreover, knowledge of Blackwell's dastardly plot. Well, they know he created their Circle to control it, but they still don't know for what purpose. Nick grabbed the crystal and led the gang to a creepy junkyard that looked like the place where they buried Freddy in "A Nightmare on Elm Street 3." Jake ended up tussling with Nick but couldn't bring himself to kill him at the last minute, leaving Melissa to pick up the knife and save Jake's life by killing Nick (presumably for good this time), proving she had finally come to the same conclusion as everyone else. Cassie turned on her dark magic to go after Eben, but he threw a bunch of cars at everyone with magic as he declared that he would kill all of them sooner or later. Blackwell showed up and went head to head with the master witch hunter (did we mention that the Circle of Parents turned Blackwell over to the witch hunters back in the day to get rid of him?) with Faye by his side.

The rest of the Circle (and the audience) didn't see what happened next, but, Blackwell said Eben got away and had taken Faye with him. He said now that they have the last crystal, they must put the crystal skull together and use it to rescue Faye and defeat the witch hunters for good. With Faye in trouble and Blackwell's leadership seemingly holding the key to her rescue, it's going to make it very tricky for Cassie to reveal what she knows about her dad to the rest of the Circle!

Chris Zylka told us that next week's season finale will contain a cliffhanger for every major character. Until next week!

What do you think Blackwell's motive is? Are you glad Faye and Jake are heating back up, or do you like him better with Cassie? What are your predictions for the finale? Tell us everything in the comments and on Twitter!

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