Chloe Moretz Chats Up Her Co-Stars In EXCLUSIVE 'Hick' Clips

Chloe Moretz is getting up to some trouble in "Hick," her new movie about a Nebraska teenager who hitchhikes to Vegas and encounters variously eccentric, colorful, terrible and twisted characters on the way. And while the movie won't be out until later this month, audiences get to meet a couple of Chloe's peculiar compatriots in advance, with two new EXCLUSIVE clips from the film.

You should have no trouble recognizing this pair of celebs in their "Hick" incarnations: there's Alec Baldwin, playing a plaid-shirt-wearing good guy with well-honed bachelor breakfast skills, and Blake Lively, playing a blowsy broad who's tickled pink by Chloe's outrageous claims regarding her origins. (Admittedly, she does make an awfully cute pathological liar.)

In one clip, Chloe sports a blunt black dye job and sits uncomfortably with the chatty Alec until his offer to take her to the bus station coaxes out a smile; in the other, she's blond once again and claiming to be from Paris, getting a great big laugh from Blake (who's sporting a big accent and some even bigger hair for her role as Glenda.)

Not in evidence? The ubiquitous gun from the trailer—which made it pretty clear that "Hick" isn't all fun, games and road-trip chitchat—or Eddie Redmayne (booo). But after getting a peek at the great performances we can expect from the movie's all-star cast, we'll definitely be checking it out when it premieres May 11!

Will you be joining Chloe for her "Hick" road trip? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!

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