Miley Cyrus Adopts A Puppy!

It's true what our parents always taught us— you can't buy happiness. But apparently you can adopt it. Miley Cyrus did so in the form of an absolutely adorable puppy named Happy.

Miley took to Twitter to announce the news and explained that the dog was left in a box outside Wal-Mart. "I don't understand how people can be so cruel," she tweeted. "That's why we named him Happy." How precious! And while she's unsure of the exact breed, she said their best guess is a rottweiler-beagle mix.

Like most dogs, Happy is living the comfortable life now that owned by a successful pop star. The "LOL" actress tweeted a photo of her and the pup with the caption, "Happy & I getting 'groomed.'"

Earlier she posted another pic of Happy laying on her Martin Margelia designer purse. That one's pricey doggy bed! Good thing boyfriend Liam Hemsworth ran out to buy a more suitable sleeping place or else Happy might start confusing Miley's Louboutins for chew toys. Gotta break those bad habits while he's still young! (Although one look at that cute face and we'd let the pup break every rule.)

And like his adopted father Liam, Happy is already a little heartthrob with a girlfriend name Joey! It was only a matter of time. Good, chivalrous puppies are hard to find, you know.

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