Chris Zylka Promises 'There Will Be Blood' In 'Secret Circle' Season Finale

Secret Circleby Ryan J. Downey

Nick is back from the grave and his onscreen brother, played by Chris Zylka, promised "an emotional roller coaster" as "The Secret Circle" speeds closer to the season one finale with tonight's episode, "Prom." With the gang on the hunt for another crystal, there'll be more revelations about the events of 16 years ago which killed many of their parents (and what exactly John Blackwell's role in that was) and further developments with the witch hunters, the Blackwell sisters (!) and Jake's returned brother.

"Prom" airs tonight. The season one finale, "Family," will follow on May 10. Speaking to Hollywood Crush by phone on Wednesday, Chris assured us that nobody is safe. "There will be blood, there will be deaths," he said. "[The finale will feature] jaw-dropping, amazing cliffhangers for each character. Each character has a cliffhanger that could go either way. They could go dark, they could go good, they could totally run away."

Speaking of cliffhangers, last week's episode ("Traitor") ended with the revelation that Jake's brother, Nick, who we thought was drowned by Charles, is not only alive but is the traitorous witch who has been working with (and now turned against) the witch hunters. In clips of "Prom" leaked online, Jake looks likely to go after him. Hard.

"We all know how close Jake is with his family and how much he's longing for a family member. So that emotion is going to obviously strike at some point during the episode," Chris revealed. "But he's also fully engaged and into protecting the Circle and obviously Nick is up to no good. He's more powerful than ever."

It wasn't all darkness for Jake last week, however. There was that steamy make-out session with Faye, which seemed to imply that Jake has put his feelings for young miss Cassie Blake on the back-burner for the time being. "Cassie has a lot going on right now. She just found out she has a sister. She's got dark magic too, and they share the same father and can they trust him... There's just too much going on in Cassie's life right now to be worried about a guy.

"And I think Jake has finally given Faye the benefit of the doubt," he continued. "You'll definitely see a lot more romance in this prom episode between Jake and Faye. And some really nice moments that tell a lot of their story that hasn't been answered this whole season, really. [Before now] they've just hooked up!"

Shelley Hennig (Diana) recently told Hollywood Crush that "Prom" will reveal more about Blackwell's role in the big fire, which Chris confirmed. Obviously Blackwell has taken Jake under his wing to some degree, and they've appeared to be pals in a few scenes. So what will this mean for their relationship?

"For trying so hard to be the alpha male of the Circle, Jake sure is easily manipulated by these father figures," Chris said, chuckling. "Like, 'Oh, OK, you'll play dad? Sweet!' Cassie and Diana have just found out that they're sisters, so they go on their own little journey and try to answer a lot of questions for themselves personally. Along the way, they find out so many more truths about what did really happen 16 years ago. They hear it firsthand. They're going to come back and warn the Circle. And that's just going to setup the cliffhanger for an even better, amazing finale. 'Do we trust Blackwell? Or don't we?' We haven't seen him do anything [bad]. All we've ever done is heard by word of mouth, really. So do we trust him or not?

"Jake, in this episode, is so fully [wrapped up] in his brother being back and how to solve that problem that he's not really worried about Blackwell," he added.

For a long time the cast were just as in the dark as the audience about the identity of The Secret Sibling sired by Blackwell. "It was really cool because every episode had little things. I don't know how many people will admit this from The Circle, but I think everyone kind of wanted to be! To play with that whole dark magic thing, to have fun with it and kind of run with it. They couldn't have given it to a better actress. I'm not going to lie to you, I was a bit disappointed [that it wasn't me], but at the same time I was completely excited, because of the whole Cassie relationship. That'd be an awkward triangle [if they were siblings!]" he laughed.

None of which is to say Chris won't have a chance to play with darkness again. Assuming Jake survives season one (which he would neither confirm nor deny to Hollywood Crush just yet, of course), he'd love to get grimmer in season two. "I hope he goes dark again. I hope we get to see a little bit of the bad boy Jake that we touched on a little bit in the beginning, but that's just me."

Tune in to "Prom" tonight to watch the sparks fly as Jake sorts out his feelings about the return of his brother and his past with Faye.

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