Emma Watson Introduces Us To Her Pole-Dancing 'Bling Ring' Character

Emma Watson has officially introduced us to Nicki, y'all! Who is Nicki, you ask? She's none other than Emma's character in Sofia Coppola's movie "The Bling Ring." The film is inspired by the true events of young burglars who broke into celebrities' homes and stole upwards of $3 million in cash and, well, bling. Among their targets were Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Megan Fox. Yikes, Hollywood needs better home protection!

You may remember when paparazzi pics of Nicki popped up last month, catching the vixen looking seriously saucy in a bikini top, short shorts and red lipstick. And if this new pic still doesn't give you an idea of the type of character she is, Emma's introduction also included her interests.

According to the "Harry Potter" star, the teen bandit likes "Lip Gloss, Purses, Yoga, Pole Dancing, Uggs, Louboutins, Juice Cleanses, Iced coffee and Tattoos." A far cry from sleepovers and Nicholas Sparks movie marathons. Although we're not surprised by the list, as she is baring her belly in a light pink track suit and sporting three tattoos (that we can see). Emma's definitely graduated from the studious, wholesome Hermione!

"Bling Ring" is set for release sometime in 2013.

Until next time, we (and Nicki) wish you Tweet Dreams!

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