Peep New 'True Blood' Season 5 Poster

The titillation continues as we count down to the June premiere of "True Blood" on HBO, and today's teasing is a little bloodier than usual! The promotional poster for season five is here, and it features a sad, pale, beautifully blue-eyed somebody weeping gooey crimson tears for the return of everyone's favorite vampire sexfest. (Well, that or it's "Casino Royale" villain Le Chiffre doing his usual deranged unhappy eyeball thing... but we don't remember him being quite so pretty.)

See the full poster after the jump!

It shouldn't be long now before this poster is sighted in the wild, where it will confirm for audiences the much-anticipated June 10 release date (phew) and the fact that the show is, indeed, still on the air (PHEW). And it even beseeches us not to cry—nasty red-tinted tears or otherwise—because "True Blood" will be back on HBO before we know it! (Crying blood? I'm not crying blood! YOU'RE CRYING BLOOD.) Although let's be real, the anticipation of being only a month away from once again feasting our eyes on Alcide's naked wolf-butt would be enough to make anybody weep.

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