New 'True Blood' Clip: Alexander Skarsgard Shows His Teeth

"True Blood" won't be back with its fifth season for another month yet, but for once, the waiting doesn't suck quite so badly—because the latest of those new behind-the-scenes teasers is out today, and this teeny-tiny video has just what we've been waiting for: proof that Eric Northman is BACK, baby, and in a big way.

The latest clip features Eric and Pam, and no sign whatsoever of the gentle, hoodie-wearing amnesiac who stole Sookie's heart last season. Instead, we find ourselves in the empty bar at Fangtasia, where Eric has Pam on a table...and not in a fun, sexy way, either.

"You're f---ing lying!" he growls, looming over his weeping progeny as she sobs and protests her innocence.

"I'm not lying!" Pam cries. "I swear I don't know where Russell is!"

Whoa, whoa, whooooooa. Hey now! Eric Northman on an angry power trip, Pam in tears, and a hint of the longed-for comeback of one Russell Edgington? It's official: This clip is the creme de la creme, the prize lightfruit in our faerie garden, the Alcide to our wolfpack... and that goes double when Pam indignantly demands to know what could compel her maker to accuse her of such an outrageous crime, and Eric unhinges his fanged uppers and informs her that he trusts no one (and neither should she).

Hooray for the apparent return of Mean Angry Eric! Hooray for the possible return of Russell Edgington! And hooray for the inevitable return of "True Blood" this summer, because seriously, we're dying over here.

Click on over to YouTube to watch the clip. (Beware, salty language!)

Does this latest clip sate your craving for "True Blood"?

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