'New Year's Eve' DVD EXCLUSIVE: How Are The Stars Doing On Their Resolutions?

Chances are that by now, your New Year's resolutions are kinda like last year's unsustainably trendy stiletto gladiator boots: They seemed like a great idea at the time, but after a vow to really make them work and a few self-congratulatory (if uncomfortable) outings, you eventually gave up, threw in and haven't even looked at them in months—except to push them further into the back of your closet with a vague sense of regret.

But! Just because you only went to the gym two times (okay, one and a half) before resuming your pre-2012 routine of couch potato-tude, that doesn't mean you can't revisit the ol' resolutions again! Like, maybe even right this minute! And to get you started, here's a look back at the stars of "New Year's Eve" (which is out on DVD today!) discussing their own aspirations for the coming year.

Among the most interesting resolutions? Zac Efron, who vowed to "just stop talking about going and doing things, and go and do them." (And let it never be said that Zac doesn't dream big; one of his aspirations is to "do some Indiana Jones stuff," and we wish him all the best in his archaeological and Nazi-fighting pursuits.) And Ludacris began with a resolution that morphed midway through into a sort of peculiar threat:

"I didn't get to do any scenes with Halle Berry," he said of his performance in "New Year's Eve." "So my resolution is to...I'd BETTER get some scenes with Halle Berry."

And while actresses Sarah Paulson and Katherine Heigl went the traditional route with promises to "eat healthier, work out more" or "go to the gym! Drink more water!" Sarah Jessica Parker suggested that resolutions ought to be more of a unique but attainable challenge. Her idea?

"Maybe try not to say the f-word for a year."

Which is, of course, totally fuuuuuu....er, unlikely.

Did you enjoy revisiting "New Year's Eve" with the cast of the film?