We're Live With Taylor Kitsch And Alexander Skarsgard For MTV First: 'Battleship'!

Are you ready to experience the overwhelming hotness that is our "MTV First: Battleship"? AKA Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgard, Rihanna and Brooklyn Decker all together in one place, at one time, joking about their joint attractiveness factor, “boob envy,” and giving us the inside scoop on everything involved in the making of their summer blockbuster.

Check them out right now, right here via the video below!

How much fun is that charming, beautiful group of people? Don't you wish you could fly off to Hawaii to join the party, sip fruity blended beverages with them and talk about life and stuff? From the looks of things, they definitely seemed to have a great time making that movie.

If our MTV First: Battleship wasn't enough to whet your appetite for "Battleship," check out a few of our other related goods, like Taylor and Alex being all cute and bromantic in this exclusive clip.

And if you're also curious about the ladies in the film, check out what Rihanna had to say about tackling her first film role and reveling in being a "badass."

"I wanted to do something badass but I didn't imagine it would be grungy, like straight Navy soldier, no makeup," Rihanna said of her expectations for her first movie role. "I enjoyed it. We did training just before the shoot, speeding the boat, turning, learning how to shoot and handle the weapon, and two hours later we were shooting that scene."

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