Rihanna, Brooklyn Decker Recall ‘Battleship’ Karaoke Party In Tokyo

Now, if we were faced with the daunting task of having to sing karaoke in front of Rihanna, we might try and get a few tunes in before the pop superstar arrived to the party. So we can understand where Brooklyn Decker was coming from when cameras stopped rolling on the "Battleship" set in Japan, even if sequence of events had the film’s sole pop star, Rihanna, a bit perplexed.

When the cast of “Battleship” sat down with us during MTV First: Battleship — which premiered Monday night on MTV — they opened up about a group karaoke outing.

“We were in Tokyo," Decker explained during MTV First: Battleship, which premiered Monday night on MTV. “I mean you’re in Tokyo. It’s like the origin of karaoke, so we felt like we were being true to the culture. It wasn't for a bonding experience. It was, respect. We were respecting the Japanese culture. No, no fun!”

“Ok, so it was before Rihanna got there,” she continued. “So, I sang [Rihanna’s] ‘What’s My Name.’ But I rapped the Drake part. I’m sorry. But I had to it before you got there,” she told her costar, “because I felt like I was putting the song to shame.”

What truly shamed Ri was the fact that Brooklyn didn’t feel comfortable enough to belt the tune out in front of her pal. “I’m sick to my stomach. Nothing else matters,” Ri joked. “You betrayed me.”

After the twosome buried the hatchet, Rihanna dished on what her favorite karaoke tunes are. Note, none are any of her own songs. “Yes I do [karaoke], but under very specific circumstances,” she said. “I have to be a least tipsy-ish and I have to be with my assistant, who is my karaoke partner. We like to sing Bon Jovi and Journey. Anything that’s loud and you get to sing and pretend you’re a rock star.”

Hey, Rihanna, that’s never anything you have to pretend!

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