Jorma Taccone Happy To Get Naked To Be In More 'Girls'

Jorma TacconeSo how about that Jorma Taccone and his total and complete scene stealing in last night's episode of "Girls?" Talk about leaving a scene on a high note...

We weren't sure what to think of his character's arrogant and obvious womanizing ways at the beginning of the episode, but he definitely left us wanting more, no matter how much havoc that might wreak upon Marnie's relationship. MTV News recently caught up with the multi-talented writer/director/actor to find out more about that memorable last line and when we might see his character on the show again.

"It was incredibly fun to play," Jorma said of his arrogant, self-obsessed artist Jonathan. "I think the only thing I may have added [to that last line] was, 'See you later,' which seemed appropriate after a line with that level of intensity. It was really fun," he said. "And working with Allison [Williams] was great. We had a good time together."

So has Jorma found out yet when we might be seeing Jonathan back on "Girls?"

"I have not. I know there was some sort of discussion [about bringing me back], but they just couldn’t get to it this season," he said. "I obviously would love to, but if it ends there I had a great time. I am not sure what they have in store in season two."

We're not sure what Lena & Co. have in store either, but surely it involves Marnie having another chance encounter with Jonathan at some point — if only to at least deliver another memorable one liner. Jorma had a few creative thoughts of his own on the subject.

"Maybe I come back and do a nude-painting scene where he’s painting nude. Not like he’s painting anude, he’s painting nude," Jorma said. "And I would do it!"

You heard it here first, folks. Let's get the guy back on the show for some equal opportunity onscreen nudity.

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