How I Met My Hollywood Crush: Bill Hader

Bill HaderLet's be honest, we all have a Hollywood Crush—a cutie whose sheer existence inspires countless fever dreams and inestimable hours of Google Image gawking. For a lucky few, those fantasies become reality when faced with said real life. Welcome to How I Met My Hollywood Crush, in which readers recall the time they rubbed elbows with their special celebrity someone!

Abby Jones writes about her awkward encounter with "Saturday Night Live" funnyman Bill Hader!

I met my Hollywood Crush when I was waiting in line for "Saturday Night Live" tickets. I was with a group of friends camping out overnight to get tickets for the Ryan Reynolds and Lady Gaga show a couple of years ago. To pass the time, we decided to play never-have-I-ever, the 10-finger game.

I got down to five fingers and was sitting on the outside of the circle, facing the NBC studios. We were pretty close to the front of the line, only about 10 or so people back, so we were pretty close to the front door. Well, Bill Hader was leaving the studio after rehearsal and walked past the line. No one really noticed him because, ironically, we were all so excited to see "SNL," we weren't really paying attention, including me.

I noticed out of the corner of my eye someone waving at me with kind of a confused, patient expression. Kind of saying, "Wow, are you mentally sound?" And I realize that Bill Hader is waving at me from five feet away and saying hello because he thinks I'm waving at him in a really stiff, awkward wave, since my five fingers are up in the air. I was too stunned to say hi back until he was about 20 feet away.

But, I think I maybe left an impression on him as that crazy, star-struck, awkward girl too in awe to function while waiting in line for the show.

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