'Secret Circle' Recap: 'Traitor'

Secret Circleby Ryan J. Downey

If this show reveals any more secrets before the season finale, it may just have to change its name!

Last week, we learned that Diana is the Secret Sibling. On last night's new episode of "The Secret Circle," we got some majorly shocking news about another sibling from the Circle. Nick Armstrong, Cassie's old next door neighbor last seen possessed by a worm demon and being drowned by Charles, is alive!

During the closing moments of "The Secret Circle" last night, Diana and Cassie discovered that Jake's brother is the "Traitor" witch name-checked in the episode's title. He's the one who has been working against them with the witch hunters (and now working against the witch hunters, as well). As more pieces of Chance Harbor's history and John Blackwell's plan to finish what he started 16 years ago came to light, there were several confrontations: Diana confronting Charles, Diana confronting Cassie, and a super cool Charles vs. Blackwell throwdown in front of a crowd. Plus Jake and Faye made out (!) and Cassie kissed Adam (!!).

The episode opened with a wake for Cassie's grandmother, Jane. The gang assumed she had been killed by witch hunters, but we in the audience of course (and Charles) know she was actually taken out by Blackwell. Diana wasn't quite sure what to make of last week's revelation about her Balcoin bloodline. "If it turns out you're my sister, I'd be really happy about that," Cassie told her. Diana didn't look like she shared the same sentiment. "I'll talk to you later, OK?" she replied.

Adam found Cassie in her room mourning her most recent loss. He told her that while he may not have known her before all of the witchcraft got introduced into her life, he really knows what's inside of her. Still in tears, but moved by his words, she couldn't resist leaning in to kiss him and he didn't fight it one bit (elixir be damned!). Blackwell interrupted them with a knock on the door. Just after Adam made his awkward exit, Cassie confronted her father about the Secret Sibling. "My grandmother is dead and it turns out my father has slept with half of Chance Harbor!" John told her the thing with Diana's mother was a onetime thing. He assured her that her mother, Amelia, was the true "love of my life."

Meanwhile, Charles was understandably devastated when Diana confronted him about her true heritage. "I was there when you were born and I raised you," he said, by way of reassurance. Whatever happens, he warned, don't trust Blackwell. "He'll do whatever he needs to earn your trust and then he will prey on your fears and manipulate you into doing things that you never thought you'd ever do."

That tender kiss between Adam and Cassie was nothing compared to the steamy make-out session that went down between Jake and Faye after the wake. The pair had stolen what they thought to be a bottle of pills out of Faye's mothers purse to spice up their hookup, only to discover the bottle contained a family crystal instead.

Speaking of crystals, Adam and Melissa were off looking for the last remaining magical heirloom at Adam's grandfather's place. Adam confided in Melissa about the kiss with Cassie. She grabbed a bottle of booze and suggested they take the edge off the pressure filled afternoon (!) as they continued the search. A magical spell with a crystal locating map had revealed that the last crystal was magically cloaked, so finding it was certainly going to turn into a long day.

As Cassie stood by, Diana filled in Jake and Faye about her bloodline back at the clubhouse. "How is this fair?" Faye pouted. Suddenly, one of the crystals was magically stolen right before their eyes. Jake suggested they contact his old witch hunter buddy Isaac to try to win him over to their side. Isaac hates magic so much that he couldn't be happy about how far Eben, aided by the mysterious Traitor Witch, had taken their quest down the magic path, right? They set off to meet Isaac in the woods but it was witch hunter Ian who turned up instead. He said Isaac was dead. Cassie nearly killed him in misguided retaliation for Jane, but Diana stopped her.

Charles called Blackwell to arrange a meeting in a public place. "We're in a crowded place, Charles," Blackwell taunted. "What're you going to do, hit me?" In an awesome moment, Charles did exactly that! The two tussled for a minute which seemed to be exactly what Charles had planned to have happen. Now, if Blackwell makes a move against him, there'll be a ton of witnesses to attest as to what happened. Brilliant! Charles told Blackwell to stay away from Diana, for good, or else. Later, Blackwell promised Dawn he'd help her regain her power if she aligned herself with him and his plot. "After the witch hunters are gone, we are going to eliminate the elders," he said. Dawn went to Charles and pointed out how their killing Amelia had set these problems in motion. The pair agreed that Blackwell wanted to use their kids and they should stop him, or else, as Dawn said, "it won't be Tom and Elizabeth who end up dead. It'll be Faye and Diana."

Eventually Adam called up some childhood memories to reverse engineer how his grandfather would cloak and uncloak things. The pair used a locator spell with the map to find the uncloaked crystal. The rest of the Circle had already determined the stolen crystal to be in "the creepiest place in town," i.e. an old amusement park. At first there was nothing more menacing than some clown statues and a big rat on-hand ("Scooby and Shaggy are such scaredy cats," snickered Faye, after the Blackwell Sisters shrieked in terror over one such four-legged creature), but then the bodies started to appear. First, Jake and Faye found Ian with his throat cut. Then, they found a handful of other witch hunter corpses, just as Diana and Cassie made their way even closer to the Traitor Witch.

Cassie finally got Diana to spill the beans about the biggest reason why the Bacloin stuff made her so uncomfortable. Diana doesn't want to use dark magic. Cassie argued that dark magic had saved their skin, but Diana insisted that she just wouldn't ever be down with killing people and she planned to regularly remind Cassie that it's wrong from here on out. Just then, they saw the Traitor Witch and took off in hot pursuit. Cassie nearly skewered him with a spear, but together, they were able to knock it off course and caused it to knock Traitor Witch over, instead. Jake had found a sway, which transfers power from witches to mortals, along with an old photograph where the Traitor Witch had been hiding. "Why would the witch have a photograph of my parents?" he wondered aloud to Faye.

Because, as Cassie and Diana were busy discovering as the episode came to a close, the Traitor Witch is Nick!

Diana could barely stammer out the words to Cassie. "He's...alive?"

What did you think of last night's "Secret Circle"? Were you stunned Nick is alive? Are you hoping Cassie and Adam can rekindle their romance? What are Blackwell's true motives? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!