Josh Duhamel Eyes Role In Nicholas Sparks Adaptation 'Safe Haven'

With "The Lucky One" now out in theaters, it only makes sense that Hollywood's attention would turn to the all-important question...of which Nicholas Sparks novel should be given the big-screen treatment next. And according to Variety, your new Aspirational Nicholas Sparks Boyfriend will be—drumroll, please!—the widowed hottie father from the Southern-style romance "Safe Haven"!

Set in North Carolina, "Safe Haven" is the story of a woman who arrives unexpectedly in a small town where she knows no one—and where she remains lonely and unconnected until the love of a handsome widower with two small children tempts her to put down roots. (Prediction: She's trying to escape a mysterious and painful past which will nevertheless come back to haunt her just in time to interrupt her budding relationship with Local Guy. Are we right?)

Relativity Media is developing the movie with an eye toward a winter 2013 release, and Josh Duhamel is in talks to play the main man—although the film is still in search of a female lead after rumors of Keira Knightley being in talks for the role turned out to be...well, just rumors. But no doubt they'll pick someone infuriatingly perfect! (Rachel McAdams in "The Notebook," anyone?) And before you know it, the next Nicholas Sparks love story will be on its way to a theater near you. Which means that you might as well start apologizing to your boyfriend...oh, right about now.

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