'Glee' Star Chris Colfer Reveals 'Bump In The Road' For Kurt And Blaine

Hot off the premiere of his Tribeca Film Festival flick "Struck By Lightning," Chris Colfer will belt out Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing" on tonight's episode of "Glee"—a tribute to the late singer. Talk about intimidating. We can't imagine having the guts to perform one of her songs on national television. But then, that's why Chris is on "Glee" and not us.

When MTV News caught up with the actor-turned-writer, who not only starred in "Struck by Lightning" but penned the script, he told us singing the Whitney song "terrified" him. "I've never been that scared singing a song 'cause there are so many runs and riffs and, oh God, it was so scary," he said. "I was doing it in the original key that she sang the song in, which was terrifying and hard... I've never been that scared or nervous. I literally was warming up my voice like a week in advance, like going to the vocal Olympics."

But even though the pressure of nailing "I Have Nothing" frightened Chris, he called the tribute episode "very special." As a huge Whitney Houston fan he was glad to be part of it.

"I remember when I first signed onto 'Glee,' I really had no idea who any pop star was, and I learned from Amber [Riley] and Kevin [McHale] telling me who these people were as we would cover their songs," he recalled. "But Whitney was someone I grew up with and I knew and my mom had her soundtracks. Even my mom had her soundtracks! I mean, so when she passed I was devastated. What a great way to honor her by doing her music on the show."

As New Directions continues to nationals and the seniors decide the next phase of their lives, it's unclear whether some relationships will last beyond high school. We're not quite sure if the couples can handle long-distance relationships or abandon their dreams for their significant others. "Glee" addressed this last week with Rachel and Finn, but so far, not much mention has been made of Klaine.

We quizzed Chris and he revealed their relationship is tested on tonight's episode. "Finally they go through their first bump, I want to say, in the road, which I'm really excited about," he said. Excited?! How can he be excited? We couldn't stand it if Kurt and Blaine parted ways.

He continued, "But, I mean, for the most part they're Kurt and Blaine. They're pretty steady." Whew. Our beloved couple might be safe after all!

Are you excited for tonight's Whitney Houston tribute episode of "Glee"? Do you think Kurt and Blaine's relationship will survive after high school? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!