How I Met My Hollywood Crush: Ed Westwick

Let's be honest, we all have a Hollywood Crush—a cutie whose sheer existence inspires countless fever dreams and inestimable hours of Google Image gawking. For a lucky few, those fantasies become reality when faced with said real life. Welcome to How I Met My Hollywood Crush, in which readers recall the time they rubbed elbows with their special celebrity someone!

Ryan Koleda tells us about the time she went to meet the cast of "Saturday Night Live" and ended up bumping into her ultimate celeb crush—"Gossip Girl" star and British bad boy Ed Westwick!

One Saturday, while visiting a friend and her sister in New York City, we decided to try to meet the cast of "Saturday Night Live." It was a cold, January night, so once it was time to go, we bundled up and left for our adventure.

In order to make the time pass, my friend’s sister and I played a little game. We kept pretending to see Drake, whom my friend absolutely adores. She was not so easily fooled and kept ignoring us. Subsequently, when I randomly exclaimed, “Ed Westwick??!!” my friend did not believe me. As I recall, her reply was, “Oh, Ryan, shut up.” Because why would Ed Westwick be at "Saturday Night Live"? But much to her surprise when she turned around he was really there, walking out of the studio.

Other girls waiting on the opposite side of the door, also noticed when he walked out. While they screamed, "Chuck Bass!!!" we sought to get his attention by calling out his real name. Whether it was because we said his actual name or because he was exiting in our direction, Ed Westwick came over to us.

I was absolutely thrilled. Going to school in Massachusetts and only being able to visit the city on weekends or when I was home for an extended break, I never thought I would get the chance to see anyone from the "Gossip Girl" cast, let alone my favorite cast member.

As he approached, we asked him for a picture. He said yes, as long as it was quick. We obliged and thanked him for his time. I was absolutely dying. I had no words. (In fact, I think my friend did most of the talking to him, because I was so taken aback.) But that is How I Met My Hollywood Crush, in a completely random and unexpected manner!

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